About the project

LENR Transmutation of chemical elements is a transformation of some chemical elements into another ones.

We have already achieved successful experimental results. We have obtained platinum-group metals and other chemical elements as a result of LENR Transmutation. But these experiments yield so far just grams of substances. Now our task is to transfer the process of LENR Transmutation from experimental to the industrial level. Therefore we need tools, necessary equipment, and additional personnel.

Chemical elements obtained as a result of LENR Transmutation will find application in Industry, Medicine, Science, and Finance.
First of all, what drives us along is a quite practical task - to achieve serious commercial results. The implementation of our project should give a large-scale financial effect.

Video presentation

Presentation by head of the project Vladislav Karabanov


The project is focused solely on commercial objectives, research issues are initially left out


On our agenda - consolidation of success and moving on to the next stage of development.


People with research drive, focused on research and engineering work.


The technology of cold transmutation promises enormous commercial potential.

The study

We have carried out about 300 experiments and have already achieved significant success.


In the modern world high profit can be achived only with use of innovative technologies.

  • We were pleased to know that in Russia there is a group that studies the same phenomena. It's very good that there is a team like "Synthestech", because the winner is the one who moves.
    Yuri Bazhutov, Physicist, Organizer of the Conference on RCCNT&BL