Memorandum to White Paper

November 17, 2019
This memorandum defines obligations regarding pricing policy and the price of tokens of the Synthestech project - STT, issuer ST, Beliz.

1. With the start of production of the biologically active mineral SYNTHESIT Iron, the Synthestech project takes upon itself the obligation to ensure that the project tokens - "STT" are accepted as payment for SYNTHESIT Iron.

2. When purchasing SYNTHESIT Iron packages, at least 50% of their cost can be paid with STT tokens.

3. At the initial stage of sales of the SYNTHESIT Iron (approximately since March 2020), the cost of tokens when paying for SYNTHESIT Iron is set at least $ 3 (three US dollars). This is a guaranteed buyback price, it does not take into account the exchange growth of STT tokens, which can be much more significant.

4. At subsequent stages (second half of 2020 and beyond), the acceptance cost of tokens in payment for SYNTHESIT Iron will be steadily increasing and correlating with the exchange price if the exchange price exceeds the declared value.

5. If a queue occurs, packages paid for by 50% with STT tokens are sent to customers out of turn.

6. The number of STT tokens that will be sold under this program is 500,000 units.

The withdrawal of STT tokens to the exchange platform will be carried out after the start of industrial sales of SYNTHESIT Iron - approximately March 2020. The minimum cost of a STT token of $ 3 will be supported by product of exceptional demand.

The nominal value of the STT token with the start of listing on the exchange will be $ 3 (three US dollars).

Acceptance of tokens as payment for SYNTHESIT Iron packages is carried out by the central and authorized structures of the Synthestech project.

This memorandum is a notification of the obligations undertaken in addition to the Synthestech White Paper.

* Example: if you bought STT tokens for $ 1.5 (please note that the cost of tokens as they approach the time of production will increase, according to the schedule in paragraph 4 of this Memorandum):

With the retail price of the SYNTHESIT Iron at $ 48 you pay 50% in tokens and 50% is paid in regular money. That is 24 $. STT tokens accepting price will be $3 per token. That is 8 STT tokens for half of bottle. Thus, for 50% of the SYNTHESIT Iron package, instead of $ 24, you pay only 8 STT tokens, which at the beginning of the program cost $ 12. Your profit will be $ 12 per pack for every 8 tokens you purchased in November 2019.

You can also sell STT tokens on the exchange after the start of sales of SYNTHESIT Iron at a nominal value of $3. This is the minimum guaranteed cost. It does not take into account possible exchange price growth

* The price of SYNTHESIT Iron packages is given as an example and is subject to change.