Technology for synthesis of precious metals
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About the Technology
The technology of cold transmutation allows to transform certain chemical elements into others, more valuable and rare ones, without the use of enormous energy impacts. For example, transformation of tungsten - into platinum.

We have conducted few hundred experiments and received amazing results - we learned how to turn some elements into others. However, the research is not finished yet. The next step is to transfer our technology from the experimental to the industrial level.
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Main Project News
What is LENR technology?
Low Prime Cost
The cost of synthesis carried out by cold transmutation of platinum-group metals - platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, etc. and, if possible, gold, can be 2-3 times cheaper than production using traditional methods.
Stable Elements
Elements obtained as a result of cold transmutation are stable.
High energy potential
Elements obtained by cold transmutation, presumably, have an increased energy potential, and they can transmit this potential in the form of microelements, entering into chemical reactions in a human body.
About the project
LENR Transmutation of chemical elements is a transformation of some chemical elements into another ones.

We have already achieved successful experimental results. We have obtained platinum-group metals and other chemical elements as a result of LENR Transmutation. But these experiments yield so far just grams of substances. Now our task is to transfer the process of LENR Transmutation from experimental to the industrial level. Therefore we need tools, necessary equipment, and additional personnel.

Chemical elements obtained as a result of LENR Transmutation will find application in Industry, Medicine, Science, and Finance.
First of all, what drives us along is a quite practical task - to achieve serious commercial results. The implementation of our project should give a large-scale financial effect.

Video presentation
Presentation by the head of the project Vladislav Karabanov
The project is focused solely on commercial objectives, research issues are initially left out
On our agenda - consolidation of success and moving on to the next stage of development.
People with research drive, focused on research and engineering work.
The technology of cold transmutation promises enormous commercial potential.
We have carried out about 300 experiments and have already achieved significant success.
In the modern world high profit can be achieved only with use of innovative technologies.
It cannot but rejoice that young blood also joins the number of like-minded people - the Karabanov team Synthestech - for example,. I was glad to learn that young people have joined our research and, also, is achieving its success in this area.
Alexander Parkhomov
Physicist, Specialist in LENR
We were pleased to know that in Russia there is a group that studies the same phenomena. It's very good that there is a team like "Synthestech", because the winner is the one who moves.
Yuri Bazhutov
Physicist, Organizer of the Conference on RCCNT&BL
Our Team
Vladislav Karabanov
Head and Founder of the Project
Developer of the Cold Transmutation Method. He has 30 years experience in management of commercial and research projects.
Dmitry Pushkarev
Manager of Engineering Work
Experienced engineer, specialist in working with various construction designs. He is able to implement the most daring design ideas and operating models.
Roman Karabanov
Head of Laboratory "Synthestech"
He developed a number of methods of Cold Transmutation used by "Synthestech". Project Administrator.

Team of experienced engineers and technicians of "Synthestech"
Engineers and qualified specialists in various fields, required for carrying out researches
Nadezhda Fedyakina
Community manager
She has experience in negotiations and project promotion.

Yuri Bazhutov
PhD in Physics and Mathematics
Theoretician and experimenter. Over 30 years of experience in Cold Nuclear Transmutation of chemical elements. He stood at the gates of development of Cold Transmutation in the world and in Russia.
Vladimir Krivitsky
PhD in geology and mineralogy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU)
An outstanding Russian scientist in geochemistry, author of numerous scientific articles and 3 books on transmutation of chemical elements
Denis Kozulin
PhD in Chemistry
Specialist in Analytical Chemistry. Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of Vyatka State University. Head of Analytical Chemistry Center.
Ghezza Matter

Financial advisor
Trust and Compliance Operations Manager at ZEDRA Group
STEP Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Geneva, Switzerland

Sergiy Oliynyk
Doctor of Biological Science
Author of more than 200 scientific works and 10 patented inventions, acting engineer and researcher in the R&D Center Weverinstruments Co., LTD, Seoul, Korea

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