To Synthestech project participants
We are sincerely happy that our project is at the stage of commercial implementation. Today we can confidently say that the iron obtained by us with the help of process of cold fusion, SYNTHESIT by name, has phenomenal biogenic properties. Hundreds of responses from people who started taking it are the evidence of it. This product will find its place in the market.

Today, we want to inform the project's investors concerning the details of the project development and outline the stage of accrual for the project tokens.

In accordance with the previously announced plans, accrual for the project tokens was planned to be made after the release of the industrial batch. Our previously announced plans were to produce and sell 30,000 packs.

It turned out that to increase production, a deeper robotization of process is required. It also takes some time to bring a product like SYNTHESIT to market. To organize the sale of the industrial batch we need to introduce SYNTHESIT to the market and carry out advertising campaigns. We resolve all these issues. But the work has become more complicated due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Up to date, less than 4,000 packs have been produced as part of the test batch. This ensures only the production work itself. But we are constantly increasing production and expanding the market.

Accrual of tokens is planned to be made on the principle of royalties. Accruals and transfers are planned to be made from the revenue of our Swiss partner.

Our plan is as follows. We will not wait for the release of a large batch in its entirety, but will sum up all current production, including the test batch that has already been produced. All our production volumes are strictly taken into account.

When the total number of produced and sold packs reaches 30,000 thousand, we will pay accruals for tokens.

We believe that with the given increase in production and sales we will achieve this result within a few months. Soon, a small batch of 5,000 packages will be released in Switzerland.The main volume of Synthesit production will also located there.

At the moment we are actively working on the robotization of our technological process and will soon reach industrial volumes.

We believe that millions of production volumes and SYNTHESIT sales is the market demand. And we will supply it in course of time.
Today, SYNTHESIT is delivered to any country in the world. The shipment takes place within 30 days. DHL Express shipping and PayPal payment are available.
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