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(LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)
1. Introduction

The main task of science is to analyze and describe natural phenomena, in order to build cause-effect relations and to be able to predict these phenomena.

LENR is at the moment one of the most poorly studied branches of physics. The history of the discovery of this phenomenon is well described in the Russian newspaper article AIF (Translation):

This review article is dedicated to practical works carried out by scientists and physicists dealing with transmutation of chemical elements.
2. Experimental data
Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann (+ O'Grady)
They are believed to be the first who discovered the phenomenon of energy release during Palladium Heavy-Water Electrolysis. They were the first to suggest that anomalous heat release is a result of an unknown nuclear reaction.
Original article

A study of the palladium used in the Fleischmann and Pons experiments, carried out by D.G. Rollison and K.A. O'Grady in the US Navy Laboratory
J. Dash, professor at Portland State University
Professor Dash carried out experiments with LENR since 1993, at Portland State University. He is author of dozens of papers and articles on LENR experiments.
This is one of his last papers that he presented in Sochi, Russia.
Yoshiaki Arata, Osaka University
Yoshiaki Arata is a famous and well-known physicist, Honored Professor at Osaka University. In the spring of 2008, in the presence of many journalists he carried out a very spectacular experiment. In front of the amazed crowd, he demonstrated energy release and helium formation, which defied the basic laws of physics. For these results the japanese physicist was awarded the Imperial Prize "For the invaluable contribution to science and technology", which is valued in Japan above the Nobel Prize. These results were reproduced by Akito Takahashi's group and subsequently by many others, including Akira Kitamura.
Review of works by E. Storms
Akira Kitamura (Arata's replication)
Replicated Arata's experiments at the Kobe University.
Tadahiko Mizuno
Professor of the Hokkaido University, a nuclear physicist. He carried out a number of experiments with impeccable quality in the field of LENR.
Domenico Cirillo
He is a researcher of the LENR phenomenon since 2002, an engineer with a Master's degree in mechanical engineering. He discovered trace amount of platinum in the surface of a tungsten electrode that has undergone plasma treatment.
Platinum group metals

George Egely, mechanical engineering degree at the Technical University of Budapest
Egely worked at the Nuclear Energy Research Lab of the Hungarian Academy of Science. At the 2012 Zagreb (Croatia) International Exhibition, Egely presented a nano dust fusion reactor that was awarded the Grand Prize by the International Federation of Inventors' Associations.
One of his publications about the reactor
George Ohsawa and Maninder Lal Singh's verification
G. Ohsawa is a philosopher and naturalist from Japan. He lived in Europe and carried out experiments until the mid-60's. He discovered an anomalous occurrence of iron in a discharge arc between carbon electrodes in water.
Maninder Lal Singh, Ph.D in Engineering at Guru Nanak Dev University verified the phenomenon.
Review of Singh's work
Stanislaw Szpak, Pamela Mosier-Boss and others at Naval SPAWAR Systems Center in San Diego
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command SPAWAR studied the LENR for the needs of the US Navy. The 100-page report contains descriptions of experiments carried out at the SPAWAR laboratory and a review of the sources and theories on the topic
George H. Miley
Ph.D., both in Nuclear/Chemical Engineering, professor of physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. He is a respected and well-known physicist and has many patents in nuclear physics and LENR. He also worked together with Yuri Bazhutov, a Synthestech's advisor.
Presentation of Miley's experiments
Miley's review
NASA (Review of Experiments and a Patent)
A review of the old Glen Research Center experiments confirming the reality of the phenomenon.
Patent belongs to NASA
Yasuhiro Iwamura
Doctor of Engineering. He carried out experiments at the Nuclear Energy Systems Division of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Having the access to the vast resources of MHI, he carried out a series of impeccable experiments. The results not only convinced numerous skeptics and brought up the discussion topic to the highest level, but also provided the most important application of LENR - deactivation of radioactive waste. His experiments were repeated many times by other groups, including the Toyota company.
One of the most striking scientific articles
Report to the American Nuclear Society
Old article dating back to1998
Patent of MHI

Sergio Focardi and Francesco Piantelli, Italian nuclear physicists
They discovered anomalous heat production in Ni-H systems.
Link 1
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S.V. Adamenko, PhD in engineering
A well-known experimenter, who discovered a change in the elemental composition when a copper target is exposed to an electrical explosion. He carried out a lot of experiments in this field. He obtained palladium from copper in trace amounts. Proton 21
Leonid Urutskoev, Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Head of the SUE REKOM
A well-renowned physicist, carried out many impeccable experiments on electric explosions in a liquid medium. He received convincing results demonstrating the change in the elemental composition of titanium foils.
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Irina Savvatimova, Phd in engineering, Research Institute, Scientific and Production Association "Luch"
She continued the work initiated by Igor Kurchatov. The phenomenology of transmutation in a glow discharge has been thoroughly studied in many countries, but it was I.Savvatimova who provided the most detailed studies on this phenomenon.
Link 1
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Vladimir Nevolin, National Research University of Electronic Technology "MIET"
He studied transmutation phenomenon in a glow discharge at the same time as I. Savvatimova
Anatoliy Klimov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Computer Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences
He is a respected physicist and experimenter, a specialist in plasma physics, who created a plasma vortex device that provides high energy efficiency, as well as a transmutation effect.
Alla Kornilova and Vladimir Vysotsky, experimental physicists, Moscow State University
They have carried out a lot of impeccable experiments that confirm transmutation in biological systems. They managed to find a practical application of the phenomenon having developed a technology for deactivation of nuclear waste using a microbiological method. In 2016, this technology passed the state commission and was recognized as effective and promising.
Andrea Rossi, Italian entrepreneur, technology developer based on the work of Focardi and Pianchelli.
One of the first who brought up commercialization of LENR and achieved commercial significant results. Presented his development to the independent experts commission in 2014 in Lugano. The report of this commission, consisting of authoritative scientists, completely changed the attitude towards the LENR phenomenon in the scientific community
Аlexander Parkhomov, PhD in physics and mathematics, Moscow State University (E-cat replication)
Replicated the A. Rossi's reactor which generated excess energy release. He described in detail how he created the replication, as a result many scientists and researchers were also able to replicate Rossi's reactor and gave a positive reports about LENR.

It was Parkhomov's work that managed to convince many skeptics.
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Igor Stepanov, Moscow State University, developer of a heat generator (E-cat prototype)
Replicated the A. Rossi's Nickel-hydrogen reactor after A.Parkhomov
Vladimir Dubinko, PhD in physics and mathematics, senior researcher, National Science Center at Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (replication of the Andrea Rossi's LENR reactor)
He is a respected physicist who repeated works of Rossi-Parkhomov.
Yuri Bazhutov, PhD in Physics, advisor of the Synthestech project.
One of the first respected scientists who carried out researches in the field of LENR. Before Parkhomov carried out his experiments, Bazhutov studied effects described by A. Rossi from the point of view of his own theory. He carried out a series of experiments at the Kurchatov Institute.
Plasma electrolysis

Vladimir Krivitsky, PhD in geology and mineralogy, senior researcher at Museum of Geosciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University, advisor of the Synthestech project.
He has not only carried out unique experimental works, having discovered the transmutation phenomenon, but has also created a phenomenological model of the development of the earth.

Mikhail Solin, Physicist and Engineer
He has discovered the phenomenon of transmutation of zirconium in vacuum furnaces when using an electron beam for melting in industrial facilities.
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Vasiliy Lekomtsev, researcher at Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Nuclear Physics and Plasma Physics
Anatoliy Vachaev, Nosov State Technical University, Nikolay Ivanov, PhD in engineering, Galina Pavlova, PhD in engineering, Associate Professor, State Technical University, Magnitogorsk
They created a unique plasma apparatus in which transmutation of many elements occurred.
Review of the work results in Kharchenko's report
Review of the work results in Godin's report
Review of G. Pavlova's dissertation
Sergey Tsvetkov
Nuclear reactions of low temperature synthesis in the titanium-deuterium system.

(Sergey Tsvetkov - left)
Vladimir Balakirev, physical chemist, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, V. Krymskiy, Ural State University
They studied the effect of nanosecond magnetic pulses on the material
3. Theoretical developments
Yuri Bazhutov, Research Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Moscow State University
Developer of the "Erzion catalysis" theory.
Article 1
Article 2
Allan Widom and Lewis Larsen, developers of The Widom-Larsen theory
Respected physicists who developed a theory of weak interaction of electrons. The theory is considered by NASA as the most reliable.
Magazine article
Article 2
Slides 2
Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren, Sweden physicists
They have developed a theory about the spallation of a neutron as a result of ponderomotive forces.
Robert E. Godes, Brillouin Energy Corporation
Akito Takahashi, Senior Adviser at Technova Inc. in Japan
Svein Olafsson, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
4. Additional information
Peter Hagelstein, Mitchell Swartz
The renowned and respected physicists gave a lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This lecture, as many believe, provided recognition of LENR by the broad scientific community.
Lecture at MIT dated 2014.
Experiments review of NASA Glenn Research Center
Review of CERN
Admund Storms, PhD in radiochemistry, LENR researcher at Los Alamos National Lab
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